meet the band

Border Patrol (Est. 2015) is a lyrically driven folk-rock group from Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. Blending elements of traditional bluegrass and folk with punk and indie expression, they feature vocal harmonies and surprisingly upbeat melodies about our impending doom and the monotonies of every day life and love in this modern age.
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Dave Toennies

Vox – Rhythm Guitar
Dave resides in Detroit and is the principal songwriter for Border Patrol.
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Cody Howard

Vox – Banjo
Cody resides in Windsor, Ontario and is one of the founding members of the band. He tackles secondary vocals and plucks a mean banjo.
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Walter Senko

Vox – Keys – Drums
Walter brings his musical expertise and phenomenal composition talents to the band. He fills seventh harmonies and the underlying beat and melody in the songs.
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Noah Kaminsky

Noah is final piece in the Border Patrol ensemble. As the second American citizen to join, he continues our commitment to being a truly international, border city band.